Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Been Awhile

So I've been gone.. hmm cant remember the last time I posted on my blog... oh well CRS is part of PH :)
So anyway, been thoough alot of changes since then. My baby Carlos, is now living with his older brother and going to The Art Institute of San Bernardino. He is 18 and he is going for his Associates Degree. I am proud of him, I miss him alot, but in the long run I guess its better he is with his Bro. He has alot of homework and since his bro is almost a graduate of the same school he helps him with his homework and things that he doesnt understand. And his BIG bro takes care of him. He does come to see me when he gets a chance, more than my other kids! LOL. I wish I could see him every day but thats not possible and I understand that. I am sorta glad (sorta) that he is not here to see me going on with this DAMNed PH, he saw me go through it at first and he was younger and I dont want that for him, I want him to concentrate more on his school and not have to deal with me and my stuff :)
My PH Dr left for Boston, Mass so that was really hard on me, it was like if it was the end of the world when I heard about that.... well yeah, maybe not that end of the world, but I guess you would have to be in my shoes to understand. I just could not believe that he would leave, but it did happen.
So I had to choose another PH Dr because I still wanted to go to UCSD. My new PH Dr is ok.. I need to get used to him, LOL or him of me :) Hmmm I wonder what will come first? I am glad though to still have my same PH nurse Sandee :) she is a doll, she is my best special PH nurse ever! LOL. I care for her alot, not just as my nurse but as a real friend.
I had my yearly RHC on Jan 5th, and after a long year of Remo and its sides! I did NOT IMPROVE, I didnt get WORSE, either but I was hoping I was getting better. So now I have been increasing my Remo and I have been dealing with lots more sides, it seems. I tend to feel more depressed and I tend to shut down from the rest of the PH world! I am having way more BAD days than GOOD days, and Im not happy with that :( I am sleeping better at night and I am taking more naps LOL. Naps are good :) well sometimes they are.. hehehe. I have also been trying to stay busy with my beading, it takes my mind off of other things.. like PH. I have set up website on Esty for my jewelry, but its not as easy as I thought.... I guess it takes time. I came up with some new designs for bracelets and I am hoping I can post them tomorrow on my site. OMG they look so pretty danty (sp)? I like danty :)
OK I guess this is all for now, hope I dont take forever again to post :) Thanks for reading.