Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got Beads!


Well I am happy to say that I have been feeling a bit better. Our probelms are not over yet, but I did get a BIG one of my chest finally, and I am more at ease.

I am still occupying myself with the making of my bracelets. This morning I made two in about 2 hours. And I just finished the one for my Medical ID tag, which I have been putting off for the longest time! I decided to make my first one with clear crystals, that way I can wear it with any outfit. But..... I will more than likely ( knowing me) make one of each color to match whatever I wear, especially my favorite colors :)



I know its looks kinda fancy, but.... I aboslutely LOVE it :)
Have a great evening!



Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy Beading

I haven't been feeling pretty good lately. Still SOB and fluttering of my heart. I know it is because of the family probelms that we've been having, me being LOUD, it is just stressing me out.
But I have been trying to keep busy, so I have been making bracelets that I have an order for. I was supposed to have these done oh... about 2 weeks ago. I just kept putting them off. So yesterday I started on them and I just finished them right now I made a total of 5. I always wear my own bracelets when I go somewhere or even around the house. They make me feel pretty and I am proud of what I make :) I have about 2-3 bracelets to match every color of top that I wear, LOL. So I have quite a few for myself! I get alot of compliments and sometimes with those compliments I get orders, not as much as I would like, because some people do not know how to aprreciate the hard work, time and money put into these, but I do get some orders. And I am happy with that.
I have posted some pics of the ones I just made, enjoy!!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket These are all made with Swarovski Crystal Beads!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby chick and Momma hen

Hi, I haven't been posting for awhile. I guess Photobucket has been spending alot of time on FB.
It seems that Baby chick
Photobucket has been on the look-out, because she reminded momma hen that she needed to update her blog, LOL
Baby chick has not only been on the look-out for updating blogs, but she has also been on the look-out for momma hen. You see last night momma hen was having more SOB then usual. Baby chick started talking to momma hen and figured out why, she has been feeling that way.
Momma Hen is going through alot of stress right now, and she has been VERY LOUD! She is going through alot of different family issues and they are all adding up. But baby chick came to the rescue last night and talked to Momma hen for awhile and calmed her down a bit.
Momma hen is trying to slove everything that is going on, on her own.. And she knows that it is impossible, and that is not easy for momma hen. Momma hen is used to taking care of the problems in the family and it is killing her to see that she can not do anything about it.
Momma Hen whats to let Baby Chick know that, she appreciates you being there for her last night to talk to. I appreciate you looking out for me and telling me what you did :) Your words made me feel so loved and cared about.
At one time I was say that JenC was my phriend because of PH, now I can say that she is also my friend, my shoulder to cry on when I need it, my chat buddy, my addictive partner, LOL. And of course my baby chick :) May our friendship last forever!
Hugs and besos!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How I made my husband fall in love with me :)

Oh..... this happend sometime back in the late 80's, LOL Can't remember the exact date or year. But I always remember this alot during this month of February. You will now know why.
At that time I was a receptionist for a family owned bussiness. My now husband Juan was constructing a new office building for the owner. ( which happened to be his cousin). Juan was living there at the property at that time, and it was his responiblility to make sure that the front office door was unlocked when I arrived at the office. We became good friends.
I always liked taking candy to put in the candy dish on my desk, one of my favorite was
Photobucket .

One day Juan came in and we were just talking. I started laughing to myself and said, I am going to play a trick on this guy! I grabbed a Hersheys Kiss and I asked Juan... Quiere un beso?= Do you want a kiss? LOL, OMG you should of see his face? He got sooo pale and his mouth just dropped to the floor! I had a very seriuos face on and then I said, here! And threw the hersheys kiss right at him, LOL he caught it! Opened it and ate it.. meanwhile I was LMAO.. Poor thing he just gave me a smile and walked out. Well that started what we now call our love for each other. One year we were out at a flea market somewhere and we saw a guy that was selling glass hersheys kisses, with an engraving on it that said "I love you" My husband bought it for me. I still have it I just don't know where it is at. I will have to look for it :)
Every February I remember this because everytime I go to the store I see the bags of Hershey's Kisses! Hummmmm, this gave me an idea... do ya think it will work again if I do it? LOL Bring back some ol memories for him :)


Sunday, February 8, 2009

SG Meeting and D-i-L Birthday

Yesterday we had support group meeting in San Bernardino, CA. There was a female Acreedo nurse and a male Acreedo nurse present. And of course our two group leaders. It went very this time we were separated into 3 different groups. First group was female ph patient, second was male ph patients and third was caregivers. We had the opportunity to just talk to our own sex group about the ups and downs of living with PH, and too ask the nurse questions about any concerns. The caregivers group also had the opportunity to ask questions and talk about their life with a PH patient. It was really nice too be able to talk with other women about PH. I didn't take any pics :(. I had the camera in my purse! But I just forgot!
BTW, Mason.... you were missed!
After the meeting we came home and rested, then at about 5pm we met my son and his family, along with my d-i-l family at Red Lobster to celebrate my d-i-l birthday. It was a longggggg wait for us to be seated. But we all had a great time! Here are a few pics. I didn't forget to take the camera out this time, LOL

Photobucket My D-i-L Sandra and my son Jose.

Photobucket Another one of them.
Photobucket My grandaughter Trinity.
Photobucket Trinity, after she tasted some fried Squid!! Yuck, LOL
Photobucket My granson Domenic being silly.
Photobucket Domenic again.
Photobucket My son Carlos.
Photobucket Carlos again.

That's all the pics :)

Also, I got and order of 5 bracelets to make for my d-i-l's mother, sister and aunt. They just loved the ones I was wearing and now they want some. It does pay to wear the bracelets that you make for yourself!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)

Thanks for reading



Monday, February 2, 2009

Trinity's Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to my grandaughter's Birthday Party @ PhotobucketIt's a all you can different kinds of pizza, salad and desert place. They also have all kinds of games for kids, teens and even adults to enjoy. Here are a few pics, we weren't able to take alot of pics because my camera died! LOL.(the battery).
Photobucket Trinity opening gifts. Also my daughter-in-law, but she is looking the wrong way!
Photobucket More gifts.

PhotobucketMy grandson Domenic being shy.. And my son Jose, he always makes weird faces and Trinity at the far end eating desert!
Photobucket Domenic, not so shy anymore. Showing me his blueish green, fun dip tongue!
Photobucket Trinity, Domenic and my son Jose.
PhotobucketCarlos, giving me the eyes!! LOL. He doesn't like it when I take pics of him.
Photobucket Payback time! Carlos took one of me.... I hate taking pics also! Goshhh Im sooooo red I could be Mrs. Santa!

:((( Thats it... my camera died right before cake time!
Thanks for reading