Saturday, August 14, 2010

Im back

Gosh so many things going on here at home, was/is having problems with Carlos and his GF.. lazy! I was having alot of stress and aches and pains. So many problems and slow solutions!
My heart seems to be worker harder also, so Ph Dr decided to put me on new heart med. This is the first time I will be taking a heart med. Its called Digitoxin, or something like that, you know me and giving meds new names when I forget how to spell them! Ok so so far I have gotten nausea, I feel like barfing, the first day I got a dizzy spell for a few seconds. I am not sure if this new med is gonna work for me, I mean just by gettin up from Willie to go to the bathroom my heart starts racing.. so we will see. Oh and BTW one thing I need to watch with this pill is that I cant eat fiber 1 hr before or 1 hr after I take the pill.. because fiber causes you to go potty and apperently you will crap that baby out! But... ok... so what about the Remo crapping... I mean Remo makes me go crap also! So I'm i supposed to hold it and wait?? Hmmm I dunno about that! Crap crap crap!
Weather has been nice here in So Calif lately mid upper 80's and chilly at night brrrr. But It supposed to get HOT again upper 90's starting tomorrow Sunday.... grrrr I hate Hot I have to stay indoors if not I will pay dearly! I did take advantage though and bought some new soil that my sister recommended to me. Its called Mositure Control by Miracle Grow, so I redid some planted pots and U bought a few new pots that I found on clearance at Target and also some dead lookin impatients and starbrust flowers.. all they needed was some love, attention, a clip here a clip there some vitamins water and WaaaLaaa.. pretty plants :) I love plants, Carlos gets mad at me when I buy plants, (well he gets mad everytime I buy something) And he tells me more plants? Why do you need more plants. You know he is my son and I love him sooo much but he is getting on my nerves! And that is not good!
Now on the Bead front? I did finally get my business cards... yayyyy. Carlos did them for me and he also came up with the name for me. Its called "JustBeadItNow" I kinda like it... The cards are pink background and they have a beaded "awareness ribbon" in periwinkle color. I will post maybe at some other time.. Ok so why ahvent I been beading? Well I really got discouraged over something that happened a few months ago. I think it really affected me and what I am/was able to do or create with beads, I have always gotten alot of compliments on my work and that would always make me feel good. Trying not to copy anyone and just trying to come up with my own ideas! Or designs made me feel even better. Well now I feel that its not worth it anymore. I have all these beads and supplies and I just do not have the motivation to start up again. I was actually even thinking of just boxing everything and putting it all away, but I've been asked about Christmas colors now so i dont know.. maybe maybe not. It will ahve to take something really BIG to get me out of this rut that I feel now about beading!
Well thanks for reading, hope u all ahve a great day!