Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disappointments and Decissions...

So here I am again, it seems that all I wanna do is vent :(
Last week one of my sis calls me and tells me that she is now going to make bracelets like the ones I make to start selling. I had mentioned to a few family members that it was going good for me as far as the sales. When I first started making the Swarsovski Crystal Bead Bracelets ( years ago) I gave to all my female family members one or two each of their fav color.. They loved them so much that I decided to start giving them as gifts! So one one of my sis decided to start making them for herself (like mine) and then started making them for gifts. Well now she is making them to sell.
I was sooooo mad!! Do I have a right to be? I feel this is my thing? And she could of easily told the person of interest that I make them! Instead of saying yeah! I will make you one to sell to you!
A Phriend asked me to make a certain color bracelets and to start selling them. I said hey! Thats a good idea! I can even make the pins that color! I told her. So I mentioned it to a few people and I even mentioned it in chat that I was looking for a certain color bead to make these bracelets. I even asked for advice about colors!
Now to my surprise it turns out that someone else came up with the same idea! The same idea that my PHriend told me about back in February! Iwas like what? So I decided not to do them. I decided that I was only going to make one for my Phriend. I was very disappointed about this. And now to top it off I have absolutely no mood for beading. I dont even want to continues to make the PH Perwinkle Pins that I have been making. I dont want to do anything that ahs to do with beads right now! And the saod part is that I love beading.. One day in chat I even came up with a name for another me and another PHriend... I said we are HEAVEY BEADERS! I even wanyted to try to change my Etsy site to HEAVEY BEADER! But now :( I just want to let it be.
I go into my PC/Beading Room and try to start to bead and I cant concentrate.. Maybe my beading days are over.. I dont know! Im I wrong on this also? Should I not be upset that someone else wants to do my idea? I really need advice on both these beading issues?
Anway so as far ad PH I am stable no increases right now, hopfully not for a while.. but I havent been sleeping that well. And this has nothing to do with the time change, it started before the time change. So I dunno what to think of that?

Hope you all have a good day.. thanx for reading