Sunday, March 29, 2009

Remebering childhood Easters


I was remebering one of my childhood Easter Sunday, last night. I remember my mom would make our Easter dresses.... Martha's, Peregrina's and mine. And they were the same color and the same design all the time. I don't remember how long it would take her to make them, but we always had our dresses in time. As a matter of fact she made our dresses all the time.

On Easter Sunday we would go to Mass then come home and either prepare to go to a park or have Easter at home. Our home had a big front yard, so we had plenty of room for our Easter egg hunt. I was thinking back and remembering how much fun we had. Even though we were dirt poor, my mom with older sisters help always made the best of it.
I have somewhere (I don't know where right now. but somewhere) LOL. A pic of when I was like maybe 3 yrs old. And it was taken in our front yard at Easter time. I will look for it :)

Anyway in the meantime here is a picture of my mom and dad. My dad didn't like taking pictures that's why he is not looking straight at the camera. My older sisters tell me that it was very hard to convience dad to actually sit in front of the camera and agree to take the pic. He was a very strict and serious person, so no smile from him. I think my mom was so beautiful. I still miss her, I miss them both.

This is a picture of all my brothers and sisters, all my sisters except one is here in pic. My younger sister is the one right next to my mom and I am in front of my dad. My sister Peregrina and I are wearing our Easter dresses, that mom made for us one year. I have other pics of when we were younger, but they are put away somehwere. These two that I posted are ones that I keep in frames on top of our fireplace. These two pictures were taken sometime after Easter. I think I was about 6 or 7 yrs old.

I hope you all have a good day and thanks for reading.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

My water faucets

I am in my wheelie all day. When it's nice outside I like to get out and try to garden a little. Even though its very hard to be in a wheelchair, I do try.
When my husband started fixing up the front yard for me, I asked him if he could put the water faucet a bit higher from me. It was kinda hard to get to it, where it was at. So he did...... not only did he do one for me but he did four in the front yard to make it easier for me. I told a phriend Jeannie that I would be posting some pics of the faucets. One is partly decorated and 3 still need to be decorated.

PhotobucketThis is how the un-decorated one looks like. What he did is make the water tubing high to where I could reach the faucet. Then he put a PVC pipe to go down all the way to the ground, which left the water faucet in the middle of the PVC. Then he put cement to hold it up and make it nice and sturdy.
Photobucket Here is another un-decorated one.
Photobucket Now this is the partial decorated one. I bought these glass pieces at Micheals and my older son Jose, put them on for me. We still need to put the grout on and I have to figure out how I will do the top part.

Photobucket This is the same one as above, as you can see the top part is not decorated yet. And I would also like to cover up the part of the pipe that is showing on top.

The glass that I bought at Micheals is very expensive. I am still trying to see how I can do the others. I do have some of those round glass stones that look like marbles, they are in different colors. They are usually used for plants or for stepping stones. I might use some of them for the other faucets. Not sure yet!

Well Jeannie, I know these are not pics of the pool... but I thought maybe I could distract your mind with something else :), LOL

Thanks for reading hope you are all having a wonderful day


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where's The Beads!

I haven't posted in awhile, Jen reminded me of that :). I told her that I would post soon.
I am dealing with side effects of IV Remodulin right now, since I am increasing 2 times a week. So I have been trying to keep busy, to take my mind off the aches, pains and other side effects.
And guess what I have been doing?

Photobucket PhotobucketI got these buttons for free at the bead store that I used to go too alot and buy my beads and supplies and also get free classes on beading and stuff. I had forgotten all about them. And the other day when I was looking for some of my old beading materials I found them. I also found some beads that I had bought awhile back and decided to bring them out and start making something with them.
I have made a few necklaces, with earings and also a few bracelets. I took some pics of them so that you all can see :)

Photobucket This one is green glass diamond shaped beads with swarovski crystal also a pair of earrings.

PhotobucketiPhotobucketThis one is made with a glass turqoise or teal color bead with black, round beads of the same color and silver spacers. Also earrings
PhotobucketPhotobucket This one is made with crystal and glass beads, in aquamarine and dark turqoise color, with mataching earrings.

PhotobucketPhotobucket This one is made with rose and light rose crystals, also matching earrings.

Photobucket Crystal and glass bead bracelet, in aquamarine and 2x jet ab, also with earrings.

Photobucket All glass beads bracelet in dark turqoise and aquamarine, with earrings.

PhotobucketPhotobucket This is a 2 strand swarovski crystal bracelet with silver spacer with crystal bead in the middle. In peridot, topaz and light colorado topaz.
I still have lots of beads that I need to make something with, so if you don't hear from me you know where I'm at :)
Hope you enjoyed looking and hope you all have a good weekend.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good days Bad day

I have been having some pretty good days. Except for still being SOB when I try to walk or try to do something. I was feeling pretty good. When I would get SOB while sitting I knew that I was retaining fluid, so I would add my Metolazone and feel better.
Yesterday, our destination was to go to Los Angeles. To buy some beads that I needed for a few more orders that I got for bracelets. It was a nice day. First we stopped to eat breakfast at our favorite hole in the wall Mexican food place. The owners already know us, since we are frequent customers and have been for quite a few years. Sometimes when its early and not to many customers they will take a break and join us. For either breakfast or lunch.
Our next stop was La Puente, we stopped at the swapmeet. We were looking for a fruit cutter with a basket. My orange tree has sooooo many valencia oranges. And my husband and son can't reach them. I am always nagging them to cut me some oranges and they just can't. So my husband finally said lets go look for a fruit cutter. We tried Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware and nothing. So that's when he said they would probably have them at the swapmeet. And he was right because we found one :)
We then went on our way to Los Angeles. He took me to the store were I always buy my crystal beads when I can't fimd them online. I did get all the bead colors that I needed, even though I didn't find other stuff. I will just have to wait and go to another store for that. We came home ate dinner and rested. All in all even though I was tired it was a good day.
Today I went to UCSD to see my PH Specialist. My appt went well. My 02 was 92, my bp 100/70 and he said my heart sounded good. We answered all my questions. I told him I could still not walk much without being SOB. So he told me to increase 1-2 ngs per week until for about a month and a half... as long as I could tolorate the side effects. And he said to start today. Which I did while still in San Diego. I was fine all the way home. I even took a long nap on the way back :). I hadn't increased since Nov. 2008. Well a few hours ago I started feeling droopy eyes and the yuckie. Just like I used to feel before, the first few months after I started Remodulin. And now has come the headache, now these are side effects I can tolorate. I just don't like the droopy eye feeling :(
So I guess until I get used to the increases again. I am going to be feeling like this :(
Thanks for reading



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How do I entertain them?

My son brought my grandkids Trinity and Domenic over Monday morning. My husband then took us all to eat lunch. After we were done with lunch we were supposed to go to Home Depot to buy some things, but we didn't my husband had to go clean a vacant lot that we have, before it started raining again. So he dropped us off at home. My grandkids wanted to watch a movie so I told them to pick one out! They wanted to watch one that was in my son Carlos' TV, which is in his room. But Trinity couldn't find the remote to take the movie out, and I couldn't get into his room to try and look for it. Of course they were disapointed. I told them to look for another one.
Trintiy comes to me with a box in her hands, she says, Gramma can we watch this one?


OMG, I said of course you can!!! Now I bought these at Walmart, ohhhhh about the beginning of December last year. I remember they were showing them at Walmart that day and no one was watching them but me :) It just brought back my childhood memories.
This box contians 12 dvd's and has about 60hrs of cartoons and they had it for $6.99. I said hey this is a good price! Well I had forgotten all about it until Trinity brought it out. I put the first one in. They just loved it! I had them entertained for a couple of hours.
Tuesday they came again and the first thing they asked me was, Gramma can we watch more cartoons? I was so happy that they enjoyed these cartoons as much as I did when I was a child! I was even watching a few with them, LOL
Here are some of the ones that come in this dvd collection.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket There are other ones that I did not find pics of. I really do recommed these.

And I know now that when they get tired of playing outside, they can always come inside and watch these cartoons :)

Thanks for reading have a nice night!