Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Looks like I'm going

To Houston that is. I finally made the reservation. OMG I can't believe I did it! Not only am I scared to fly, but... I will be flying ALONE!! Yikes!!
I will be staying in Texas for about a week. I am hoping we have lots of fun, whatever we do :)

I will be visting a few friends... Jen and Jeannie and we are hoping that Edna and Marcia and maybe another friend can join us! I have met Jen in person already, but I haven't met the others so that makes me kinda of nervous also. I will just be nervous for awhile though, then the real me will come out, LOL. I hope they can handle me and not through me out before its time for me to comeback, hehehehe. I know Jen will help me out :) Just don't give me cerveza and I will be ok. lol

I have to make a list of what I need to take.... meds, bipap, enough chones, just in case I lmao and I end up with a lil accident :) LOL, jk!

Sooooo this is my post for the today. I know not very long, but hey you are all lucky I posted. I've been thinking to much about other things, and blogging just wasnt in my thinking, and anyway I get headaches when I think :)

Well I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Opps.... I did it again

A few weeks ago I was complaining about pain in my chest area where my hickman is in.Photobucket

I posted on board. After reading and getting some pretty good advice. I emailed my PH Dr. and I explained to him what I had been doing days, prior to getting this pain. H emailed me back and said that it sounded like I had pulled a muscle. To give it a few days and if it didnt go away or got worse to let him know. Well the pain went away.
It came back yesterday, and I think I know why. Everytime when I over do it with my right arm ( thats the side where my hickman is) I get the same pain, especially after doing something really straingous(sp?). So I was thinking back what I did the last couple of days. I clobbered the bunny piñata :( I mean I was really going at it with that bat! Swinging and swinging at the piñata, until I destroyed it :(
So now I know that I can not over do it with my right arm. Sooooo..... what else is new? Why does PH have to be so complicated?
Sorry for the whine.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!



Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at Martha's House

Carlos and I spent our Easter Sunday at my sister Martha's house. My niece and her family, my nephew and his family and one of my brothers was there also. We had baked ham with all the works. It was a nice day, sunny not hot, so that made it even nicier to be outside. My great nieces and nephews were all having a great time! After we ate, the eggs were hidden in the yard. Here is a pic of one of my nephews finding a egg in one of the plants. I was right there by it so I was able to take a pic.. I did crop him out. I don't want to post pics of them on here since they are not my kids or grandkinds Photobucket

My sister Martha brought out a piñata that she made! Yes, she made it. She is very talented! It is sooo cute! It was made from carboard boxes and tissue paper, very sturdy! Take a look at it, and please do, notice the BIG bunny ears.
Photobucket Poor bunny it's gonna get totaled in a few minutesPhotobucket And guess who got to do that?PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket It was sooooo fun. Can you tell? Hummm I wonder who I was thinking about? Oh... BTW the all the kids got there turn also before me, of course:). Then after I destroyed bunny I got a GREAT idea!! I wanted a pic of me and guess with what?? Photobucket The bunny ears!!
Everyone got a pic taken with the bunny ears, I only posted a few pics
PhotobucketMy son Carlos Photobucket

Photobucket My sister Martha and my brother Francisco
Photobucket Here's a pic of my brother Francisco, my sister Martha and Me :)
Photobucket Last pic is of the delicious cupcakes that my sister made, Yummmmmmyyyyy
All in all we had a GREAT time.. I didn't get to see any of my grandkids, and I was dissapointed but I did enjoy myself and my sister's house... we all did! And I hope you all did also :)

Thanks for reading


Friday, April 10, 2009

Breakfast anyone?

I've been kinda lazy when it comes to my blog now. Sometimes I don't know what to write about. So I just wait and wait and wait, LOL Hoping something will pop into my BIG head!

This morning I got up at around 6:30 am, haven't been able to sleep these past few days. Anyway I took a shower and got myself ready and headed for the mraket. I needed a few things and figured, I might as well go. I made a list of the things that I needed. Small list as I can only carry so much with me, being in my wheelie. On my way over there, all of a sudden I started thinking about chilaquiles " Chee-lah-KEE-less". So I decided that's what I would have for breakfast. All I needed for the chilaquiles were the tortillas. I bought those and the few other things that I had already planned to buy. I came home and made my delicious chilaquiles.. YUMyyyyy. Chilaquiles are basically, corn stale tortilla pieces that are fried, cooked in salsa (hot or mild), and sprinkled with cotija cheese. It is basically a breakfast dish, they can be garnished with chopped cilantro and onion. And sometimes served with eggs and refried beans. I like to eat mine with a piece of bread. The salsa for the chilaquiles is usually homemade, but I cheated today and I used a can of el pato sauce
Photobucket and a can ofPhotobucket tomato sauce. :) They still come out good!

Anyway this is what chilaquiles look like
Photobucket Enjoy!!
BTW....I sure do hope that everyone has a very nice Happy Easter:)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pool Is done!

This post is especially for Jeannie Tx :) After just a few months, the pool is finally completed. I have never sweated soooo much with a project like I did with this one! You know getting the right pieces together making it possible. All the hard worked involved. But.... I just couldn't let my phriend down :) Soooo, it was worth it.

Below are pics from the begining to the end!


Photobucket Waaaaaaalaaaaaa The POOL!!
Oh Jeannie.... I hope you enjoy the pics!!


BTW...... JeannieTx.... please make sure you do look at the day that this was posted on.....LOL