Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Trip to Mexico

Finally, LOL. I picked out a few pics. I forgot to take pics of a some things!
Any way we were gone almost a month! We left our house on a Friday morning and arrived to my husbands pueblo on Sunday at around 2:30 pm. My husbands family lives in a small pueblo about 15 miles North of Morelia, Michoacan. It is called San Nicolas Obispo.
Life in this pueblo is much still like the old times, where people still cook on wood on the ground, not even a stove. They actually put the pots directly on the ashes! The wood that they burn with is brought from el potrero and is usually carried on someones back or they use a burro. Water is also brought from a well. And like with wood if you don't own a car or truck it is brought into the pueblo by burro or on someones back. Now this is drinkable water. ( I wouldnt dare drink it but my husband did). Washing and bathing water is brought in like over here in the US. My bath consisted of 2 of the 5 gallon buckets of warm water sitting on the toilet. I hated it! LOL. My husband took me to alot of places, most of the time it was just him and me, so we only have 1 pic of the 2 of us together :). We had lots of fun, but it was very tiring and stressful for me at times.
I will post pics and just write a bit about them.
This is my penthouse where we used to sleep at his mom's house
Here is another one that shows our dinning table
Photobucket Its just a cement room no paint and no tile floor yet. Here is the entrance to our penthouse Photobucket No door or windows just a tarp!. Here is one where the windows and doors have already been installed. Photobucket Much better, eh?
This is a picture of my husband's mom and sister.. yeah they are his and he can keep them, LOL Photobucket My husband and his mom Photobucket Me acting as Santa Photobucket His sister opening X-mas gifts Photobucket My husband in front of his property Photobucket It is about 5 acreas, in the background is the garbanzo that he planted when he came down in October.
Me in the middle of his mother's flowers... opps did I run over some? LOL
Me in front of my husband's property, parked on the road that leads back into his pueblo .
Photobucket This is my husband's grandad and grandma, they have both passed. I took these pics from some old pics.Photobucket Photobucket My husband's grandma is the one that brought up my husband! Boyyyyy I'm I grateful for that :)
This is a pic of a lady washing clothes... Yes it's done outside on this slanted rock that is called a lavadero
Photobucket You get bowls of water, wet the clothes put soap on them and rub, then rinse and wring and hang out to dry! Lots of work!!
This is a little chamagoso kid trying to rope me!! He is cute!
This is a picture of Santa
Photobucket He told me that every year since 1980 he has been coming to Paztcuaro to give out toys to the children at the Plaza. Patzcuaro is a tourist place, many many people come from all over. BTW... Santa is American, and he lives in Mexico.
Photobucket This is a pic of me sporting a new hat that my husband said I should buy, he said it looked good on me!
This is a picture of my husband in front of the doors to Cathedral de Morelia
Some pics of Cathedral de Morelia
Photobucket Photobucket This is one of the oldest Cathedrals in Mexico... It is beautiful inside, my pics came to dark though :(
Finally one pic of my husband and I together, LOL These 2 guys are singing a song for us

These are called the dances of the viejitos. The viejitos on Xmas Eve dance on the main road of the pueblo and go to the house were baby Jesus is being cared for. They bring back baby Jesus and take him to the church. This are actually young kids that wear old men masks(viejitos). One of them is caring baby Jesus.
Ok Im tired, LOL.. I have soooo many other pics, but I think these are enough :)
BTW.. Everything is expensive in Mexico except in the pueblos. Morelia which is actually a BIG city there is a Walmart and HomeDepot.... prices there are 3 TIMES of what they are over here in the US. I asked my husband how do these people do it? He says well.. most of them own a business. So I asked him, what about the ones that don't? He says... the advantage of living in Mexico especially Pueblos is that almost all of the residents own their own land and home.. therefore they pay no rent!
So even though they are dirt poor, they eat of what they grow and don't worry about rent! And sometimes sell what they grow and that gives them a lil extra money! Example: My husband's mom has tons and tons of turkeys and chickens! They produce eggs! They sell the eggs or the producers, LOL.
Thanks for reading

Monday, January 19, 2009

I am home... finaly!!

We actually arrived last week, on Wednesday. We have both my husband and I been sleeping alot. It was a longggggg trip back, I came home so tired and with ALOT of fluid build up. It was so bad that my legs are still hurting, I had elephant legs for a few days. I will be posting some pics. We took over 200 pics, LOL. And I have to see what might be interesting for you all to see. I will also write about our trip to Mexico.
For now I hope that everyone is doing well and that the New Year brings everyone lots of GOOD health.