Saturday, August 30, 2008

My front porch

Photobucket This is a picture of my front porch. All the brick was layed by husband, a lil help from my son Jose and son Carlos. Before the brick we had sidewalk cement with steps. And of course I had to park my wheelchair out in the garage and walk into the house. Well my husband made it possible for me to be able to ride my wheelchair all the way up to the front door and into the house. I love my front porch it is so relaxing and serene. When we get cool days and breezes I love to just sit out in front and listen to the birds, look at all the plants and flowers. You can't really tell from the pic, but towards the front porch to the left is another brick walkway that I can get to on my wheelchair and that is were my husband planted my vegetable and spice garden. So I go out every morning and see what is ready and I pick it!
So anytime anyone wants to come and enjoy a nice relaxing evening with me in my front porch you are all welcome :)
Have a great holiday weekend!
A better view of my front porch and the side where I have my vegetable garden , sorry so BIG, LOL

Friday, August 29, 2008


Photobucket I had dream about my daughter last night. In my dream she was black and blue in the face. She was crying and sad. I went up to her and asked her, Mercedes who did this to you? She tells me Chema did (her husband). I was sooooooooo MAD when she told me it was him because supposively he doesn't abuse her. Her husband didnt want me to get near her and wouldn't let me talk to her. But he went into the shower and I tell her, you need to get away from him you need to leave him. She tells me I know Mom but I can't he won't let me. He came out of the shower and was ANGRY because I was talking to her. I tried to calm him down and ask him why he was doing this to her and he just started acting all macho and bullying me! So I just stood back from him. I saw that talking wouldnt do any good so I just left, sad and crying myself. I fianlly woke up!
Well now I am just down and worried about her and I want sooooo much to pick up the phone and call her just to hear her voice. But I know that I shouldn't. She will either be short with me or get me upset like always. A few of my PH phriends know about my situation with my daughter. My 31yr old daughter doesnt care whether I am dead or alive. I know its sounds harsh but that is the truth! My 2 sons tell me to let her be to forget about her, because everytime I call her (yes I call her she doesn't call me, that should be my hint huh?) Well she is short with me and we start arguing about something and I get upset! I get soooo upset that I just cry and cry all day. But how can I forget about her? She is my daughter and I love her. I try and try not to think about her but there is not one single day that I don't think about her! and I want to run to the phone and call her. But I know it will not do any good!
So here I am down and thinking about her and wanting to call her. I have to be strong. And if I feel that I am just to tempted I will run to my PH phriends for support and I know they will get me through this. They are the best phriends someone could aske for :)
Hope you all have a wonderful day

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off I go

Yesterday I decided to take a stroll to Walmart. So I had my husband put on my wheelchair shade on my bike, LOL. I rub suntan lotion on my arms, face and head. Put on my hat, sunglasses, get my water ready and my sours candies. Can't leave home without those! And there I go. I'd say its about 8-9 blocks away from my house. YIKES! I've never timed myself but I say it takes me about 20 minutes one way. It is fun for me because I get out of the house. But I was sooooo HOT omg I actually had to stop and fuel up, LOL with water for myself because I ran out.
I got to Walmart, bought a few things, ate an earlier lunch. And off I go back to my house. I had to stop at every shade that was on the way. Even though I had my shade on it wasn't enough. Finally I got home to my A/C house, what a relief!
After that I was so tired that I had to take a lil nap. Then when my son got home he took me shopping :) He just loves that now, since he gets to drive. He sorta gets me nervous sometimes.
But he does well.
OK, off to fix me something for breakfast, I wasn't hungry earlier but now I am.
Until next time

Monday, August 25, 2008

1-2-3 Bald

Well, yesterday was the day. I few weeks back I had mentioned to a few of my phriends in chat that if my sister Martha lost her hair because of Chemo. That to show her my support I was going to bald myself. Well I would call her once or twice a week to ask her how she was doing and at the same time I would ask, how's the hair? She would tell me its falling off little at a time. Another time she told me, I'm going to go get fitted for a wig. So yesterday I called her and I asked her how she was doing, she said I'm good, I'm eating almost anything right now. I asked her if she wanted to come over for a late lunch. And by the way, How's the hair? She tells me it was all falling of so she had her son shave it off. Then we decided on 1:00pm at my house.
I said OK Catalina today is the day. I called my neighbor and asked her if her husband could do it for me, she said yes that they were going to mass and would be back about 1:00pm.. Oh darn it! what I'm I going to tell me sis? When I leave to the neighbors house. My sister arrives, sporting her new wig. (looks just like her own hair) I tell her, hey that looks just like your own hair, it looks good! Then I tell her can I see? She takes of her wig and shows me her beautiful bald head.
I tried very hard to keep my tears with me and I did!
My other sister Peregrina calls me and asked, did you do it yet? Oh gosh my sister Martha is sitting right by me. I couldn't think of what to tell my sister Peregrina, so that my sister Martha wouldn't find out what we were up to. So I say, well come on over but I have to go real quick to my neighbors house, to translate a paper for her. After beating around the bush my sister Peregrina finally gets it, and tells me OK I'm going to do it right now also and be right over.
My neighbor finally calls and tells me We're home are you ready? I said yes, I will be right over! I tell mys sister Martha, I'm going to go translate a paper real quick for my neighbor I will be right back, she says OK. So off I go in my wheelchair and I arrive and my neighbor asks are you sure, and I start laughing, and say yeah I'm sure. So her husband starts buzzing it all off. Before I could count to ten he was all done. I put on a pretty bandanna, scarf thing on my head and my hat. I go home and I tell my sister, come on beautiful sis lets take some pics outside with your new wig. My son grabs a chair for her and she sits right by me. As my son is getting read to take the pic I take off my hat and scarf and my sister just starts cracking up! She tells me what did you do! I tell her I shaved my head for you, cause I love you and I wanted to show you my support! She hugs me and we take pics. My other sis finally arrives and takes off her hat also and my sister Martha is just laughing and laughing, we take more pics.
We eat lunch and then take more pics. All along my sister Martha is just cracking up. ( you know ever since I can remember I have not seen her ever cry in front of us, she is really strong).
Both my sisters leave and then I tell me son Carlos to drive me to my son Jose's house to pick up some discs of pics from my ol PC, so off we go. when we arrive I call my son and tell him can you bring the discs out we are here. (I had my scarf on) He comes out and looks at me and says, you really did it, didn't you. I tell him I told you I was. He says can I see? I take off my scarf and he starts laughing, LOL. I tell him wheres is Trinity (my granddaughter) and Domenic ( my grandson). He goes and calls them, Trini comes out first and says, grandma what did you do to your hair? I tell her I cut it all off. I tell her rub my head for good luck, LOL , she does. In the meantime there comes Domenic running out to see me. He was at about 5 feet away from me and makes a complete halt! As soon as he saw my head, he stayed away :( He didn't want to come near me at all, we kept telling him to come give gramma a kiss and hug and he says I don want to. (he is 5 yrs old). I could see him from the corner of my eye he would look at me then look down. But he would not budge! Oh well :( I hope it wasn't to much for him seeing me like that!
All in all it was a good day, we laughed so much my 2 sis and I, something I really needed to do :)
Now I still don't know how to post pics on here, so I cant show you any, sowyyyyy :(
But...... I did ask my phriend Colleen to post one for me on the PH boards. And she said she would!
Well I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mami and Grami move over

Today I had an appt to have a mamogram done. Since my sister was recently Dx with breast cancer. It was suggested to us that we go have one done. I hate having those done, the tech takes your boob one at a time lays it on a flat surface that goes up and down depending on your height. She moves your breast around and positions it then a thing comes down and squeezes it. Of course your boob gets stuck once she's done and needs to come and help up unstick it. Ok boob # 2 it's your turn. Well she takes about 4 pics of my BIG boobs! Finally over :)
Next I go across the building to get my monthly blood drawn another fun thing to do NOT!
By the time I'm all done its about lunch time and I'm starving ( I hardly eat nowadays but I am starving). We go to a mexican restuarant, where they are serving a buffet. Its really good. I know, I know many of you don't like buffets especially the ones in Vegas. But let me tell you this one is really good. They have hard shell tacos, enchiladas, chiles rellenos, meatball soup.. yummy, carne con chile verde, carne con chile colorado, shrimp in red sauce, plus the famous beans and rice. And then the salads, fruit and dessert. The reason I like to go there is that since I don't eat alot and I've gotten very picky. I can look at all they have and decide on something, serve myself a lil bit of diiferent items and go eat. I carefully taste them one at a time and If I like I eat it and if I dont I set it to the side and can go try something else. My husband was surprised that I actually ate pretty good.
We head off to the house now. Boy do I need a nap. Once we get there my husband recieves a call from his new brother-in-law. New because we recently had contact with my husbands 1/2 sister, which the last time he saw her she was about 5yrs old. Anyway he invites over to celebrate my husbands sisters B'day. Goshhhh I hate last minute invites, no gift, nothing! so I decide to take out my beads and in a few, I make her a crystal bracelet. And I was still able to take my nap :)
We are on our merry way to his sisters house, arrive around 6:30 pm. Right away they serve us, Hamburgers and HotDogs, well I pile the Hamburgers on my husbands plate, LOL and I eat 1/2 a hot dog. About an hour later they come out with a bowl of cheviche... yuck, and platters and platters of steamed shrimp. Now those I will have some of.... but I hate peeling them. They were yummy. They finaly cut the cake, I passed on it. Soon after that we left, and got home at 12:30.
I was tired and sleepy. Nite, nite for me :)

Today my son Jose, my daughter-law and kids are coming over to take Carlos and myself to breakfast. So I need to get ready. I will try to post later if not tomorrow.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Later all :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Shop Shop Shop til you drop

Well, yesterday I ended up calling my 2 sisters to see if they would like to join me in some shopping at one of the outlet malls that we have over here. One already had plans and the other one said sure! I called my husband and asked him if he could come home and put up my wheelchair on the ramp, he is so sweet he said I'll be right there. So once im in the car ( I havent driven in almost a year now) and my wheelchair is secure and ready to go. Im on my way to meet my sister half way, her husband dropped her off. We jump on the freeway and there we go. Boy did it feel weird driving, and boy was I speeding, LOL
We got to our distination and we shopped til we dropped. After that we went and had a late lunch early supper, it was yummy. Chicken, ribs, baked beans, home fries, corn on the cob and a cornbread muffin and......lemonade :) Of course I took a few bites of everything and ended up bringing almost all of it home. My son enjoyed eating the rest though.

I took her back to where I picked her up so that her husband could meet her. We said our good-byes, we thanked each other for the wonderful enjoyable day.
I headed on home..... boy was I tired. I dont think I want to drive myself again, Im not ready for it yet.... maybe some day, but I do know that right now I'm not ready.
It was good to be home thats for sure :)
This is all for now..... have a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beginning of my journey

Hello everyone,

This is my first time blogging. So please bare with me :)

This will be the beginning of a very long journey. Here you will read about my ups and downs, my happiness my sadness, my good and my bad. And my daily doings. My family and my phriends. And sometimes my OOPS I DID IT AGAIN! or DID I DO THATTT? LOL

I want to take the opportunity to thank my phriend Melonlady/Colleen for helping me with this blog. I tend to goof up alot and she came to my rescue...... Thx phriend :)

Well I GTG now I am on my way out, somewhere, I don't know where yet, we'll see what way my wheelchair points.

Bye for now