Thursday, February 4, 2010


OK, So ive been trying to stary busy with my beading. I have made quite a few bracelets, not many sales yet :( But im hopeful.
I decided to go online and check out displays for my jewelry.. OMG they are soooo expensive!! So I decided to go on another mission and look for used ones at swapmeet. We can actually go to a swapmeet over here everyday cept Monday!! LOL... I LOVE IT!! OK, so I went and looked and looked and no luck! Darn it when I need or want something I can never find it and when I dont it its right there! Grrrrrr!! Anyway I saw alot of displays but... the sellers didnt want to part with them because they were using them for their own jewelry. So i decided to go take another route.. hmmmm I started thinking (not my kind of thing to do). And I said to myself I will look for items that are not necessarly for jewelry but... can be used for it. I found quite a few things that I was able to use. I didnt find them all in one day. But I did find some. And they have turned out pretty good as displays.
First this is a pair metal tealight holders that I bought for $4.00 a pair! They are dragonflys so I can use the wings to hang bracelets and the shade I can use to hang earrings. My husband said he could even drill some tiny, tiny holes on the shade for better hanging of earrings :)

This next one is actually a vase its two hands together and I like it to display a bracelet. I paid 50 cents for it! Yes .50 cents :)


This next one is a half statue of a lady, she is sorta scratch, but when I saw her I just loved her and had to have her! I paid $4.00 for her.

This is the same statue but I put my pink hat on her, lol. BTW she is also a good hat holder :)
This next one is a cup holder, I use this to hang strands of beads and I alsi use it to holder my beading wire spool! I paid $1.00 for it.

This next one I actually did buy new online and its a bracelet display folder. I take this with me when I go places and when people ask about my jewelry that I have one. I bring it out. This was about $10.00 plus shipping :)

OK so this are some of my GREAT finds I still have a few more, but those might be shared next time :) So you see if you set your mind to it and think, lol... You can actually find some nice things and dont have to spend an arm and a leg!

So another note.. Ive been increasing Remo, first I got a really bad bad tummy ache that last a few days! And now I have bad bad foot pain, I am taking so many drugs for pain and I dont relly like the way I feel. Im waiting to see what my PH Dr. advices and what I should do. In the meantime I did go down on Remo 1 nano.. see if that helps :)

Thanks for reading!!