Friday, December 19, 2008

We are still here :)

So much for leaving at the crack Photobucket of dawn. LOL. Yeap we are still here, we are all packed and ready to go though. We should leave in about an hour! I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am hoping our trip will be safe :)

I just wanted to stop by though and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Don't drink and drive like wheelie and me :). I hope that where ever or whomever you spend it with, it will be filled with love, happiness , peace, good health, and joy!
I hope that those of you that are not feeling that well, will get some help from above to make it easier, these holidays.
I love you all and I will surely miss you :)


Photobucket Y un BESO!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Looks like we are taking a road trip

PhotobucketCalifornia then continue the trip through Photobucket <~~Arizona We will travel through Photobucket <~~ New Mexico. Then continue the longgg trip into Photobucket<~~~Texas. From there we will enter Mexico via El Paso, TX into Cuidad Juarez, then on our way to Photobucket<~~~~~Morelia, Michoacan. It is going to be a very long trip about 2 days. We will stop and rest and also sleep. We are planning on leaving Friday in the AM (crack of dawn). I hope it clears up. It Photobucket all day Monday and now today. Forecast shows light rain until tomorrow. So looks like we leave Friday. If things should change I will post to let everyone know :)

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday afternoon baking cookies with my 2 grandkids

Photobucket<~~~My pal Pill, the grandkids and I made Xmas Photobucket cookies yesterday. Ok, I cheated I bought the ready to bake ones! But they had lots of fun putting them on the cookie sheet and then watching them get BIG while baking in the oven. We made a total of 48 cookies. They couldn't wait for them to cool down, they wanted some ASAP, LOL.
The only problem is that there wasn't any left for
Photobucket I sent some to my neighbor, my husband had some, Carlos had some and my company had some. I ate a piece of one and gave the rest to my husband. But the best part was watching my grandkids have some with a glass of chocolate milk. Wowwww, to much suger! Humm they were at granmas so it was ok :)

Here is a picture of my grandkids.
Photobucket Its not a recent one, they are much younger here. I forgot to take pics yesterday :( But I wanted to post one of them!'
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

I had decided not to buy...

Photobucket this year. I always go out of my way to make a Grandkids Xmas gift list.
I do it on my PC. I add all my grandkids names and ask them each to write in 3 choices of what they would like to receive from me. With nimber one being the first choice, but they know that if I can not find it I will go to the next or third but it will be the same amount of money. I set a limit amount. I decorate it very nice with a
Photobucket and aPhotobucket and any other Xmas decorations. On Friday I called my daughter at work and I let her know of my plans. I told her that I would not be buying gifts this year instead I wanted to take everyone out to dinner. She told me that they had a dentist appt on Sat and would let me know about Sunday I said ok please do let me know because I have to let the others know what time. I waited and waited and no call from her. I call her cell phone and my grandson answer is. I ask him about my daughter and he tells me she is at the dentist appt. I ask him to please call her and tell her to call me on his dad's cell. She calls me a few minutes ago and I ask her I need to know about tomorrow. She tells me well.... Chema ( her husband) had his teeth done today and he won't be able to eat.... so I guess you guys go ahead and go. Wowwwww now was I was expecting that or what? LOL. So since he can't eat, none of them will be joing us. Not even her!
Now the reason I decided not to buy Xmas gifts this years is because of her. she accused me of buying more for my son's kids then hers. Which is not true because I spent the same amount on all of them. So not to make things so complicated and unfair to her. I decided on dinner!
Bad idea hah? Well my older son Jose and his wife are fine with it So I guess it will be just them.
It's ok though I am not going to let her get to me and me have a bad dinner tomorrow with the rest of my family

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Had an appt at UCSD

PhotobucketThursday I had a appt, with my PH Dr. Everything went well I guess, LOL. He thinks my SOB is because of the fluid that I am retaining so he increased my lasix, aldactone and I am to start up the metolazone once a week again. He also looked ay my FAT painfull ankle or should I say cankle! He thinks it might me Gout. He Rx a weeks supply of predisone (sp), which I started yesterday and so far the pain is going away. I am to stay on the dose of Remodulin that I am right now. He ordered a RHC for sometime in January, he says he wants to see how the Remdulin is doing or working :)
Other then that, he says my Photobucket sounds ok and my Photobucketsound clear, :)
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Xmas Party Support Meeting and lunch with some good phriends!

Hi there!
First I am going to post a few pics from our Xmas Party Support Meeting :)

Imelda, Jean from Accredo support group leader, X-mas tree lol, Robert support group leader and Francisca, Imelda's partner in crime :)
Photobucket Carlos and Me!
Photobucket Robert throwing dollar bills at Carlos, he won a raffle :)

Photobucket Carlos picking up dollar bills. Sorry I didnt know whether to take his pic or the money!!!'
Photobucket Robert and Carlos with his pie box full of dollar bills!

Photobucket The whole PH group, San Bernardino, CA

Now for pics from our lunch :) We had lunch at Zendejas Mexcian Food in Corona, CA

Photobucket Mason, JenC, Manny, Me and Imelda. The 3 of us borrachas (drunkettes) are having margaritas!
Photobucket Mason and JenC, I couldn't get her to look at the camera!
Photobucket This is what I had for lunch!! LOL.....jk It looks so yummy I had to post it

Photobucket JenC, Imelda and Me... We didn't know what camera to look at!
Photobucket I know I look like I am, but I'm not really drunk! LOL Sent to me from Imelda
Photobucket Mason and JenC. I like this pic it came out nice! Sent to me from Imelda
Photobucket Mason's lil sister.... she is such a doll, so beautiful! Sent to me from Imelda
PhotobucketAnother pic of JenC, Imelda and Me. Sent to me from Imelda
Photobucket JenC enjoying her margarita! Sent to me from Imelda
We all had a good time. I am so happy I was able to meet JenC. I am happy that our buddy Mason was able to join us I am happy that Imelda was able to join us. And I am happy that JenC and Mason met! BTW... Jen had no idea that Mason would be there!

Well that's all! That's enough hah?

Thanks for looking :)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Me and my Lil SOB

Hello everyone!
I have still been feeling SOB, while at rest. NO good at all. I go see my PH Dr. on Thursday. I can not increase anymore my chart is full. For those of you that don't know, Acreedo provides a chart for which we go by when we increase ( the rate of the pump). It tells us how much Remodulin to mix with the Sodium, so that we have 100mls in the cassette that we change every other day. For example right now I mix 3 mls of Remodulin and 97mls of Sodium, to equal the 100mls. Then on the chart we write in the date that we increased. Well my chart is now full and I can't increase until I see my Dr again, because I don't know if I am to continue with the same of amount of Remodulin and increase the pump rate or I am going to be going to 4mls and 96mls of sodium and decrease the pump rate. Does this make sense?, LOL
So now I wait and see :)
Just got a call from Jen, her RHC went well. I will not go into details. That will be up to her. But just wanted to let everyone know that she is doing well :) I get to meet her tomorrow!! Yuppieee, LOL I am so excited! We are going to have lunch somewhere. I dont know where yet. I've been busy making bracelets and haven't had a chance to call the restuarants. But I am going to do that right now. I told Jen I would call her right back!
Thanks for reading, take care all!



Friday, December 5, 2008

A great change, some happy news!

PhotobucketYesterday I was feeling kinda, quacky sad? LOL. I had received and email with a word in it that I really didn't understand what it meant. I saw that my phriend Colleen was logged on, I sent her an instant message and I asked her what it meant? She told me what I needed to know :) She then proceeded to ask me if I had read the boards? I told her no. She says Mason is home and he has posted on the boards! OMG, I just had happy tears coming down my fat ol red cheeks. Those were the best news I could of gotten yesterday. I don't remember exactly what I told her, but I think I thanked her and told her ok.... I'm gonna go read the boards. Yeah, yeah I know I said in my last post that I was going to stay away. I just couldn't stay away, not with our buddy posting that he is finally home! Colleen and Mason made my best yesterday. (If that makes sense) LOL
So from this
Photobucket I went to thisPhotobucket
It was hard in the evening though, not going into chat, because I little

PhotobucketLOL, came and told me that Mason was in chat! And I really wanted to talk to him. But just knowing that he is out of the hospital and at home where he belongs, makes me happy :)
Hasta luego!!



Thursday, December 4, 2008

I didnt get much sleep last night

This is what I felt like. I could just see everyone laughing at me. All I did was toss and turn all night. Now the question is what led up to this? Hummm let me see, maybe the fact that things didn't go so well in PH chat last night? I know I am not the smartest person in the world, I do a lot of typos. I miss spell words. But no one is perfect right? So now because of my typos I am being nicknamed certain names. Now if I wanted to be called that name I would log on with that name right? So why is it necessary to be called what you don't want to be called, why after a few attempts to get a certain person to stop calling me that, she continues to do it. I mean I have asked her in a nice way. And it continues. Also my cravings, just because I crave lemons, do I need to be called lemon? Again if I wanted to be called lemon I would log-in as Lemon. So if I start craving Crap. I'm I going to be called crap? Yeah my cravings are funny and my typos are funny, and it is funny at first, but there is a limit. I try so very very hard not to do any typos, just so I wont be called what I type. You can't even imagine how many times I proof read when I write these blogs, to make sure I have spelled a word right. And even after I post it I re-read it to make sure and if I did a boo-boo I go back and edit it.
I have held back on letting others know what I crave and eat just so I won't be called that. I use my backspace alot in chat to make sure I type a word right. But for some reason It doesn't always come out right.
So last night I just got tired of it, mostly because of a certain person that just goes on and on with me. And like I said I have asked her to stop. Especially when she has done it in front of male PH chatters.
I made a decision last night and that is to stay away for a few days from PH chat and the PH boards.

I think it will be best if I don't post any of my stupidities (sp) or dumb ass mistakes that I make, on the boards. And it be best that I stay away from chat for a few days also, now staying away from PH chat is going to be harder then I think, but I have to try and be strong about it.



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More pics

Here are some more pics of my party. My friend Imelda sent them to me.

My friend Imelda and Me.

Imelda and Francisca

My family.

A friend John, my husband Juan, and Me.

Me and my cake.

My daughter, my two sons and me.

My Delicioso B'day cake. Yummmmmy

Me trying to serve myself another margarita, but was caught in the act! LOL

That's all folks!