Saturday, July 25, 2009

As I continue....

To grieve for my BEST Buddy in the whole wide world, Mason. I see myself afraid now, afraid of getting too close to some of my PHriends. I am seeing myself more meaner then ever. I am being more of a bitch with an attidtude. I mean, as far as Im concerned I've always been one. But I am more now. I am afraid of losing someone else to this DAMN HORRIBLE DISEASE!
I miss Mason so much, I think about him every single day. It's been 2 months since he passed and almost 2 months since he was layed to rest. But yet it seems like only yesterday he was online IM me or I him, and it seems like only yesterday he was with us all in PH Chat. Just being himself like always. I miss his make up stories that he would tell us :). I miss his smart ass remarks to most! I miss when he would leave without saying goodbye to us and the next day I would scould him :) In a nice way of course. He asked me one time what I was gonna give him if he said goodbye before he left? Somehow a cookie came out of that, so in order to get one he had to said goodbye before he left chat, LOL. And he made sure he asked for his cookie before he left.. hehehehe! I remember alot of his last words to us in chat... very sad. He knew he wasn't going to be with us for long. He knew his time was coming. And deep down inside I knew it also, I just didnt want to accept it. I prayed so much for him, I begged GOD to please not take him, I begged GOD to please pass jis healings hands over his body and make him well. And I begged GOD to take me instead! Maybe it wasnt enough?
I know that he is in heaven and that he is happy and not suffering, I know he is breathing easier and I know he is resting now. But.... I cant help it when I miss him so much! I just wish he would of had a lil more time. We were making plans about what we were gonna do when he got his second set of lungs. But, plans dont always come out the way you want them to.
Mason, buddy... I miss you :)
Together forever we shall be, never apart, maybe in distance, but not in heart!